Dutch Lady – Carton

Dutch Lady is a brand of FrieslandCampina - a multinational group of the 5 largest dairy companies on the planet. GUDJOB has designed a new carton for Dutch Lady in 2019.

FrieslandCampina Vietnam

Carton design

box design | GUDJOB

In this project, GUDJOB has blown a new breath into the design of Dutch Lady's carton, creating more impression & display efficiency.

thungcu | GUDJOB
Problem | GUDJOB

The old design of Dutch Lady's cartons is boring and not appealing to customers, which is a problem.

Therefore, Dutch Lady wants these cartons to become more impressive and become a better branding tool at the point of sale.

solution | GUDJOB

After much consideration and experimentation, GUDJOB felt that the concept of connecting bins together to create a bigger picture would be the solution to the above problem. This means that when the boxes are stacked on top of each other (like the current arrangement of the point of sale), this design will join together to create a seamless, impressive image. Key visuals were tested, such as milk glass, windmill, milk bucket…

demo | GUDJOB
final 2 | GUDJOB
final design | GUDJOB

And finally, GUDJOB and Dutch Lady chose Key Visual as the Bottle of Purity to ensure brand consistency. This new design will be on display more widely from March 2019.

dutch lady packaging | GUDJOB