Nesso is a reliable partner for outsourcing Photo Retouching, 2D Creative, 3D Modeling & Rendering and much more. In 2023, Nesso teamed up with GUDJOB to launch a new brand identity. This is not only a change in identity, but also an update & reflection of the core values ​​that Nesso has been aiming for.


Nesso 4 02 | GUDJOB

The logo is made up of intertwined lines based on the shape of the brand name "Nesso". The symbol of the Nesso logo is the shape of a box with a diagonal line that represents breaking the boundaries and constantly being creative.

Besides, GUDJOB has developed 3 sub-brand logos representing 3 core services of Nesso.

Nesso Orginality 02 | GUDJOB
Nesso Photo Retouch 02 | GUDJOB
Nesso Visualize logo 03 | GUDJOB