MISS EDE – Display shelf

MISS EDE is a trademark of EDE FARM company – specializing in chocolate and coffee products in Dak Lak.


Display shelf design

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Patterns on display shelves are inspired by special motifs in brocade of the Ede along with typical colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, orange, black, and white.

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The design on the shelf is a picture that reflects the daily life and cultural characteristics of the Central Highlands in general, as well as the culture of the Ede people in particular.

Rong house is a typical type of stilt house, this is a community house, used as a meeting place, exchange, and discussion of villagers in villages in the Central Highlands.

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The long house of the Ede is a large house of many generations living together as a large family and is a feature of the matriarchy of the Ede.

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