Damaca is proud to be the producer of macadamia nuts in the fertile basalt land of Dak Lak, which is also one of the first places where macadamia trees were planted in Vietnam.

Scope of work

Product catalog design

Damaca develop high-tech agriculture in the locality, contributing to improving the quality of agricultural products in Dak Lak. Gradually sustainable development affirms its position in the macadamia industry and the position of agricultural products in the province and nationwide.

The catalog brings a fresh breath of the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands with the characteristic red color of basalt. Accompanying it is a system of macadamia nut patterns with different forms from the whole shell to the split, showing a part of the macadamia production process while exuding a distinctive feature of the brand. The catalog includes 16 pages of the cover, all of which have a characteristic of the Central Highlands.